About GWCA

Global Weather Climate Analytics (GWCA) has pioneered weather risk management solutions since 2003 for the Australian and North American commodity markets, implementing weather risk practices into the overall trading and risk management framework of major energy companies. Industries such as Electricity and Energy trading, Renewables, Aviation, Mining Resources (LNG) and Soft Commodities are the major areas GWCA develops and provides solutions for. All our consultancy services are individually tailored to the specific needs of our clients with continual innovation being key to our delivery.

The GWCA team consists of weather risk specialists who have meteorological, atmospheric physics and risk management expertise, since 1997. The team works within an operational environment in which it monitors, analyses and predicts weather risk quantities, extreme scenarios, and their likely impacts on commodity portfolios and operations.

Most importantly, the GWCA team have the expert theoretical and practical understanding of how weather and climate impact on business decisions and how to utilise information to optimise economical decisions for our clients.

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